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Come winter, the gates to Central India’s Largest Cultural Festival will be opened, ushering in an unprecedented medley of excitement and zeal. The Cultural Extravaganza, studded with electrifying and exhilarating events and competitions, witnesses a whooping footfall of over 25,000 and a participation of around 5000 students in our campus. Conceptualized way back in 1988, Aarohi has come a long way in all realms both qualitatively and quantitatively and has firmly ensconced itself as the centerpiece of the cultural spectrum of the region. This year, we will be celebrating the 29th edition of Aarohi at VNIT, Nagpur.


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Cultural Nite

Realizing our responsibility towards the society, we at Aarohi organize this charity event as a Curtain Raiser to Aarohi every year. The event sees artists of national repute holding Centre Stage in front of a rapt audience, with the proceedings from the event going to a charitable organization working for a social welfare in the region.

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Chaitanya Khanorkar
Hardik Agrawal
Anurag Moroney